New Yorker


At Condé Nast, I worked as art director for the revenue side of The New Yorker. In addition to leading the cartoons and custom site builds for the branded stories featured in The New Yorker, I conceptualized and pitched proposals with the marketing teams on Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, and W.

Below are a few selected digital branded experiences we executed to live on


The New Yorker x British Airways. A roundtrip to adventure.

An interactive cartoon journey where the user determines the adventures of a recently empty-nested couple, Karen and Sam. Arguably the most fun part of this project was brainstorming with cartoonist Emily Flake on 50+ humorous scenarios for our cartoon couple to get into as they travel across Europe. The splash page’s CTA of “Ready for Takeoff” prompts the user to continue on the journey with a charming nod to our client, British Airways. Each digital experience ends with a cartoon strip of the user’s specific journey and a “Play Again” CTA so the user can see the cities they didn’t visit the first time around. (Do it! Press Play Again! I’m not just saying that because click-rate was a part of our KPI…)

Responsibilities included presale conception, art direction, digital design of custom webpages, and lots of brainstorming for each quirky caption per destination cartoon.


The New Yorker x Charles Schwab. A whimsical way to educate readers on common financial biases.

Is it eating the extra cookie you’ve been eyeing? Giving the suggested amount for a donation? Joining in a group sing-along, even if you don’t know the song’s lyrics? Each day we’re faced with seemingly humdrum decisions that reflect subconscious biases — and shape our personal, professional, and financial futures. We don’t suspect that these biases could be working against our own best interests, as we consider deals, discounts, penalties, suggested prices, and bandwagon offers.

That’s why we collaborated with Charles Schwab and the Wharton School’s Katherine Milkman — a noted professor, behavioral economist, and the new host of Charles Schwab’s “Choiceology” podcast — to create a quick assessment test.

Click below to learn about your biases, reap more rewards, and start translating your habits into sounder financial choices.

Responsibilities included presale concept, art direction of the animated cartoons made by New Yorker cartoonist, Liza Donnelly, and layout design of the digital experience.