Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

 Photo by Victoria Stevens

Photo by Victoria Stevens

I have a B.A. in emotion fine arts, and professional experience in imagination creative media and advertising.

I am an art director, digital designer, and illustrator based in New York. My experiences have lead me to work with media companies such as Condé Nast, New York Times, The Washington Post and Lenny Letter.

At Condé Nast, I worked as art director for the revenue side of The New Yorker. In addition to leading the cartoons and custom site builds for the branded stories featured in The New Yorker, I conceptualized and pitched proposals with the marketing teams on Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, W, and them. While at The Post, I created interactive design for their branded content studio, in addition to leading the visuals for the branded stories featured in The Lily, The Washington Post's women's newspaper. While at The New York Times, I worked on an innovation design team that worked on everything from ad innovation to print collateral for events with T Brand Studio and T Mag.

Before all that, I worked at ADC Global as admin assistant, earnestly scribbling minutes for the board of directors as they met to uphold the mission that advertising can–and should–be made to tell compelling stories. (Which is where it all began for me)

If we work together, what you’ll get is imagination, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to produce something both intellectually and aesthetically driven.